Braces & Supports

The Aged Care Store stocks a superior range of braces and supports. Including products from Oppo Medical who are orthopaedic medicine frontiers. They have developed orthopaedic braces and supports with innovative materials, technologies and sophisticated design.

We also stock products from the Oppo Accutex Series. Which uses a highly advanced three dimensional knitting process. This creates a contoured compression brace with high sensorimotor functions. Suitable for Arthritis sufferers. The Accutex products provide better support, comfort, enhance joint stability and muscular performance during daily activities.

For our customers suffering with Arthritis we stock a range of suitable supports, including the IMAK Arthritis Gloves and IMAK Arthritis Socks. If you are suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome then our IMAK Smart Glove will provide relief with its massaging ergo beads and supportive splint. Played a little too much Tennis or Golf lately? Then our Elbow Supports will provide relief for your Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow.